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Do Not Let Mold Damage Ruin Your Tracy Restaurant

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Do Not Let Mold Damage Ruin Your Tracy Restaurant Don't Let Mold Ruin Your Dining Experience in Tracy.

SERVPRO Helps Stores and Shops in the Tracy Area When Mold Strikes

Your Tracy restaurant might be doing well over the last several years, but as an entrepreneur, you can appreciate the lingering effects of bad press in the area. The presence of something as striking as mold in the kitchen areas of your restaurant could force you to have to close your doors to the public to get the situation resolved, especially before it could become an issue with the integrity of the food that you are serving to customers.
While there are rarely extreme cases of mold damage to be seen in Tracy businesses, to begin with, you do not have to be completely overrun with mold colonies before it becomes an issue worth resolving. An inspection made of your kitchen areas that find even the smallest traces of mold or fungus on surfaces could be enough to call the business into question, which typically means a lot of red tape and money to get back on the right side of things.
It could be tempting to try and remove these colonies yourself, but it could get trusted to qualified professionals like the staff we have at SERVPRO. Our certified technicians get trained using the latest standards in mold remediation from the IICRC. Our team has the skills and the equipment to thoroughly remove mold colonies while working simultaneously to stop spores from spreading to new areas of the restaurant.
Our SERVPRO antimicrobial specialists utilize scrubbers with HEPA filters to deeply clean affected surfaces where fungus hyphae grow. By using negative air chambers and ozone machines, the spores are contained in the area and neutralized before they have a chance to spread to new surfaces and form new colonies. Finally, the moisture issue in the air is resolved using air movers and dehumidification devices.
The last check of the area from our SERVPRO team ensures that the source of the moisture (which was a primary cause of the mold damage) has gotten resolved completely. The check goes a long way to prevent mold growth in the future and allows you to have peace of mind when you open up your doors again to customers following the completion of the remediation process.

If you have discovered mold or smelled a musty scent in your business, let the experienced specialists at SERVPRO of Tracy help you out. You can reach us anytime at (209) 834-0200.

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Water Removal and Your Carpets After Washing Machine Leak in Manteca

1/14/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal and Your Carpets After Washing Machine Leak in Manteca Regardless of whether the washer and dryer are upstairs or on the main level of the house, contacting SERVPRO after a leak gets you the best results.

SERVPRO Technicians Follow the Water's Path in Order to Thoroughly Remediate the True Extent of the Damage

In a lot of the more modern homes in Manteca, you find laundry rooms on upper levels of the homes. Although it might be more convenient to do your laundry, it can cause problems to the rest of the home if the washing machine ever leaks. You can suddenly wind up with a big flood of water which can also leak downstairs into other rooms, causing all kinds of damage to your home.
If this has happened to you, the amount of water put out by your washing machine in your home is likely a lot. You need professionals to help you with water removal and cleaning up any damage that has occurred in Manteca. SERVPRO is always standing by and has the tools and training to help you prevent any further damage to your home.
Our primary goal when restoring water damage is to preserve and protect your home and its contents. One of our first concerns is carpet and padding that is water-saturated. The construction of carpets poses two fundamental problems – separation of backing or delamination, and latex deterioration.
SERVPRO staff know that carpeting has a primary and secondary backing. Latex holds the carpet fibers into the primary backing and also holds the secondary and primary backings together. Latex begins breaking down as soon as the carpet is installed.
Delamination usually appears in the form of bubbles. High traffic areas are more likely to delaminate; it is a pre-existing condition we look out for. It can be caused by improper installation of the pad or carpet, excessive folding, and overly aggressive extraction. Delamination cannot be fixed.
Water damage to carpeting which is glued down can cause bubbling, which happens from the loss of adhesive and is not a result of cleaning or extraction. If just a small section is bubbled, we might be able to fix the issue. Otherwise, the carpet might have to be replaced.
Many situations also require the padding to be replaced. It can break apart when its wet, but most padding is inexpensive. The cost of removing, replacing, and reinstalling new padding is many times less than the added costs of drying it in place.
SERVPRO of Tracy takes the time to salvage anything in your home that is possible during the water removal and cleanup process. Just give us a call at (209) 834-0200 whenever your home in Banta, Ripon, or Holt has a water damage emergency.

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Flood Damage in Manteca Homes

1/3/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage in Manteca Homes Manteca Flood Waters Are Removed by SERVPRO

Manteca Property Owners Rely on SERVPRO for Storm Damage Mitigation

Homes in Manteca are vulnerable to water issues from many sources. Leaky pipes can ruin a sink cabinet or force replacing drywall in the garage, but it is still acts of nature that can shock a homeowner and result in thousands of dollars in restoration costs.
As close as we are to Old River, Manteca flood damage is not a rare occurrence. Residents sometimes forget because of the droughts that strike California on a regular basis. Since the last one ended, rains this year reminded everyone what can happen. SERVPRO is here to help remove floodwater and return houses, condos, and apartments to their original condition.
We have to start with getting the water out of the home. If the area is still underwater, then we may have to drop sandbags in place to prevent water from re-entering the home as we bring in commercial pumps to draw out the water. The pumps remove most of it and doing this also provides a safe environment for our IICRC certified technicians to operate in while the water outside continues to recede. The amount of time depends on the conditions around the property.
Now that we can move safely, the restoration crew removes everything off the floor. It prevents paint and varnish from leeching off furniture and into the water where it can stain carpets and wood floors. As we do this, SERVPRO inspectors examine the property to determine what is restorable and what we suggest should be discarded.

With the standing water and furniture removed, we bring in extraction wands and riding Rovers. These devices draw out water trapped in floorboards and carpets. Our technicians can adjust the level of vacuum and speed of airflow to remove moisture quickly without causing further damage. It prevents wood floors from drying too quickly, which can result in warping or cracking.
With the water removed, we lift the edges around the carpets to dry them. In most homes, this means removing the pad under the carpet. They deteriorate quickly after exposure to water and are very cheap to replace compared to attempting to dry them. After we remove the pad, we dry the floor using air movers to force warm air over the surface. Next, we replace the pad and lay the carpet back down. If there is any moisture in the carpet, we direct air movers under and over the surface to dry it before reattaching it. One caveat with the above service is the nature of the floodwaters. If contaminated with sewage or known chemicals, then replacing these items are in order.
These actions are only the start of what SERVPRO of Tracy does to alleviate and remove the effects of flooding in your home. To schedule a service visit, call us today at (209) 834-0200. We are here for you.

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Stopping Mold Damage in Tracy

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Stopping Mold Damage in Tracy Stopping mold growth can be a difficult and even hazardous process.

Stopping Mold Damage

Most people think of mold as belonging to a dark, dank place like Washington state, not California. The reality is that can grow in Tracy just as easily as a home anywhere else.

Stopping it completely requires an extensive inventory of anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents and the training to use them. Every SERVPRO technician is trained and tested on each type of chemical agent before we sent them to stop mold damage in your Tracy home. The EPA tested and approved each type we use.

Commercial Disinfectants
This type destroys about 98 percent of the mold and other contaminants found in most homes. The disinfectants we primarily use are phenols, formaldehyde, chlorine, and cleaning alcohols. They cannot be used on every surface though.

Fungistats And Mildewstats
This category slows the rate of growth on organic material like cotton, leather, paper, and wool. The main advantage of using these types of agents is that they do not stain or otherwise damage surfaces.

These agents are very efficient at reducing microbial levels deemed safe by state and federal health agencies. That makes them especially useful for kitchens and bathrooms. The only drawback is that we have to reapply them regularly or mold can start to grow again.

As an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent, a sporicide is exceptional. In a too large concentration, they can be hazardous to the health of anyone near them, so SERVPRO technicians use each one strictly to manufacturer directions.

These are the strongest agents in our inventory. They kill every microorganism they come into contact with, so our technicians are not allowed to use them without protective gear. Chlorine bleach is a sterilant, but it is not as powerful as the agents we use. They do not pit surfaces despite their strength, which makes them perfect for sinks and faucets in kitchens and bathrooms.

Stopping mold growth can be a difficult and even hazardous process. To do it properly, you need a professional restoration company. If you even suspect there is mold in your home, call SERVPRO of Tracy at (209) 834-0200. We are here for you.

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Water Damages to Your Tracy Laundromat

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damages to Your Tracy Laundromat Machines break down and fail. When facing the potential of water damage at your laundromat, you should have SERVPRO's number on speed dial.

Our Technicians Remediate BOTH Small and Large Scale Commercial Water Damage Situations

Washing machines are not always the most reliable appliances. When they decide to go on the fritz, they can start to leak or pour out enormous volumes of water onto the floor. When you have a room full of washing machines, like what you will find in a Tracy laundromat, this becomes an ever-present possibility.
How do you prevent this kind of commercial water damage to your Tracy laundromat? While one solution could be meticulous preventative maintenance to the machines themselves, this is not always full proof either. In truth, you might not be able to keep the damage from happening at all in certain circumstances, but there are solutions for when your business is at stake.
When you have a machine that is broken down and allowing water onto the floors, this can be a cause to have to shut down until the problem is corrected. Linoleum or tiled floors are very slippery when they get wet, so this puts the steady flow of customers coming to clean their clothes at risk for falls and consequent injury.
SERVPRO professionals like ours work quickly to assess damages, as well as the source of the current problem. In many cases, issues like pooled water or lingering wetness to structural components can be remedied in little time, which can help to mitigate your loss of business and out-of-pocket expenses. Our rapid response ensures that you can reopen quickly, or in some cases, do not have to shut down at all.
The assessment will begin shortly after your initial call, where our SERVPRO technicians will arrive on the scene with the equipment to handle all manner of water damages. Depending on the severity, portable pumps are used to remove the pooled liquid from the floor and air movers are then implemented to dry the area completely. The problem is identified and corrected, so that further damage will not ensue.
Having a laundromat comes with the risks that your appliances might wear down and fail over time. When you have a considerable mess to deal with, call us at SERVPRO of Tracy to help clean it up. We can be reached anytime at (209) 834-0200.

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Why Professional Water Damage Restoration Makes Sense in Tracy

11/29/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why Professional Water Damage Restoration Makes Sense in Tracy Spills happen. When spills are too large for a homeowner to clean up successfully, it is time to contact SERVPRO for water damage restoration.

SERVPRO Technicians Make Sure That Contaminated Water is Properly Removed From Your Home After a Water Damage Incident

Nearly every Tracy homeowner has entry-level experience with mopping up minor spills. After all, water is used daily for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and washing, just to name a few commonplace tasks. Some splashing and dribbling are inevitable and may not need professional intervention. More significant overflows or long-term leaks require the experience and expertise of a professional water restoration company.
Burst pipes and water heaters, toilet and sink overflows, clogged gutters, and incursions through roofs, foundations, and other water damage in Tracy responds best when trained and experienced technicians provide restoration services. Only IICRC certified technicians are equipped to determine the techniques, equipment, and products that safely recover the water damaged structure and contents of your home. Chances are good hiring a restoration company saves you both time and money over the long term as you may discard many items we could restore because the average homeowner lacks the skills and experience.
SERVPRO managers and work crews train extensively to deliver fast and reliable water damage recovery services. The characteristics of the water causing the damage need assessment as soon as possible. Clean water leaves most structural components and possessions wet but usually completely restorable through the use of professional drying equipment and strategies. Gray water contains some contaminants, including soaps, cleansers, food, dirt, and oils or grease. Overflows of appliances like dishwashers or laundry machines are examples of gray water. With proper training and experience, professional restorers can remove gray water and its debris from most items.
Black water is tainted with human and animal waste, corrosive or poisonous chemicals, or other substances hazardous to human health. Toilet backups and clogged sewage lines, as well as runoff from rains or flooding, may be contaminated with feces, bacteria, viruses, or bloodborne pathogens, and are considered black water. Porous articles saturated with black water may not be suitable restorative risks. SERVPRO crew members are certified to make hard decisions about which items and materials must be discarded and which can be sanitized after soaking in black water.
Once the type of water damage is determined, SERVPRO workers swing into action, removing and properly disposing of standing water and then setting drying goals for salvageable items. Speedy drying is crucial, particularly when contaminated water is involved. Microbial growth begins within 48 hours and is amplified if the water is full of organic materials that provide nourishment for mold spores. We use heavy-duty, high-efficiency air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to move water vapor out of structure and contents quickly. Our professional reputation adds support to any claims you make to your insurance carrier, limiting your out of pocket costs when water damage strikes.
Hiring SERVPRO of Tracy for water damage remediation immediately increases your options and the odds of restoring much if not all of your home’s structure and contents. Call (209) 834-0200, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for top-notch professional help.

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Working Fire Damage Options to Residents of Manteca

11/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Working Fire Damage Options to Residents of Manteca Smoke and soot residues can destroy your property after a fire if not remediated right away. Contact SERVPRO for a quick response and action plan.

Our Technicians Bring Their Understanding of Fire When Remediating Fire Damage in Your Home

Never be overwhelmed with panic after your property experiences fire damage, especially when you are a resident of Manteca. The combustion process leaves behind the smoke and heat residues that you need to handle with much care. To do the restoration correctly, make sure you contact professionals in this field.

Understanding the theory of fire is so important to control fire damage incidents in Manteca. That is what a service provider like SERVPRO, which operates in the area brings on board. As professionals, we know not all types of soot are the same. While there are those which you can effortlessly clean, some are so difficult to deal with. The secret lies in learning more about combustion and smoke.

The burning process is known as combustion, and it leads to the production of smoke. For complete combustion to take place, we must have a balance of oxygen, heat, and fuel. In most cases, achieving that balance is not possible, and it leads to incomplete combustion - which accounts for smoke residues that we see.

When your solid contents burn, they release aerosol, gases, and particles. When these particles float in the air, they form smoke. The particles in smoke can absorb odor, and that is why it smells. You should note that the smoke contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that are considered carcinogenic. That is why restorers from companies like SERVPRO wear respirators when conducting the restoration process.

After some time, the smoke lands on a surface, and it forms soot - a composition of the residues of smoke. When the soot mixes with moisture, it leads to the formation of acids. When the resulting acids come in contact with materials, corrosion and discoloration results. It implies that the sooner you restore your property, the earlier you can prevent further damage and incurring unnecessary loses.

At SERVPRO of Tracy, we respond faster to any fire damage cases irrespective of the time you contact us. Call us today at (209) 834-0200 to learn more about the available options.

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Plan For Unexpected Water Removal In Tracy Retail Space

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Plan For Unexpected Water Removal In Tracy Retail Space Rely on SERVPRO and the ERP to Keep Tools from Rusting in a Tracy Auto Parts Store

The ERP, Emergency READY Profile Plan from SERVPRO Protects Your Tracy Business from Damage and Closing

Malfunctions in commercial systems installed for safety purposes can cause unexpected damage to Tracy businesses. Sudden flooding endangers building structure, fixtures, and inventory. A quick and informed response makes all the difference for your business’s future success.
You installed a sprinkler system to prevent fire damage, but its malfunction requires water removal in your Tracy auto parts store. Hundreds of gallons of water flood the store without warning, but we are ready to jump into action because you partnered with us earlier to develop an Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP).
Unique to SERVPRO, the ERP allows us to assess your physical plant long before any disaster occurs. You invite one of our experienced project managers to walk through your store, including all storage and utility areas. We discuss your priorities should a disaster happen, and we suggest strategies to make your business more resistant to a catastrophe. Using our mobile app, you designate members of your staff who can authorize work and identify the location of utility shutoffs.
Our project manager explains possible responses when a SERVPRO team arrives to remediate a standing water situation, and you determine how at least an area of the store can continue to serve your individual and business to business customers needs during the recovery. This commitment to operate without a break is crucial because enterprises that close even for a few days struggle to regain their market share.
When we react to the water issue after the sprinkler misfire, expect a quick setup of submersible pumps and extractors because we already have the plan in place. Our vehicles are equipped with power sources for these tools if electricity has been cut for safety purposes. SERVPRO technicians contain and dispose of the obvious water, and then search for hidden pockets of trapped moisture. Because we have inspected the area earlier, we have a good idea of where the last quantities of water may have migrated.
Drying requires industrial air movers and dehumidifiers. SERVPRO technicians know how to position these appliances for the fastest effect. Meanwhile, we monitor the falling moisture levels, so we do not remove the equipment too soon. Your inventory requires specialized drying methods ensuring it is not permanently damaged. Suctioning storage areas and using vented bins to drain liquid helps. We may also use desiccants to absorb the lingering drops of water.
Rely on SERVPRO of Tracy to keep your business in operation even when a water crisis happens. Call us at (209) 834-0200 to set up an ERP and then when that problem planned for actually occurs.

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Common Laundry Mistakes That Can Cause Water Damage in Tracy Homes

10/20/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Common Laundry Mistakes That Can Cause Water Damage in Tracy Homes Over-filling the drum of your washing machine can cause damage to it and could result in flooding your floors.

Tips for Preventing Your Washing Machine to Malfunction and Cause Water Damage

Having a washer at home in Tracy is very convenient. A home washing machine means no trips to the laundromat, and that is good news for any busy person. However there is one downside to having a washing machine in your home – like any machine they can break down, and if they break down, there is a risk of leaks. Leaks in your home mean water damage, so naturally, you want to avoid leaks if possible. Here are some common laundry mistakes that harm your machine and increase the chance of a breakdown.

Metal items are a leading cause of washer breakdown – and that means more risk of water damage in your Tracy household. The three most common culprits are:

•Coins – always check the pockets of every item for coins before starting your washer.

•Zippers – you cannot remove zippers from your clothes, but you can zip them all the way up to the top, so they do not flap around as much.

•Brassieres – underwire and clasps on lingerie might cause damage. You can protect your washer by placing underthings in a mesh laundry bag.

Another thing that causes washer damage is over-filling the drum. It is tempting when you have much laundry to stuff as much in as you can. Unfortunately, putting too many clothes in the machine puts extra stress on the delicate workings. SERVPRO recommends checking out the manufacturer’s guidelines about weight.

Power surges present another potentially dangerous situation. A sudden spike of electricity can harm your washer, including melting its plastic components. Protect your machine by using a surge protector, and by unplugging when not in use.

Sometimes even being careful does not prevent leaks. In the event of water damage, SERVPRO’s IICRC-certified technicians are on hand to extract water, dry out carpets, baseboards, and floors and restore your laundry room as soon as possible. We bring in dehumidifiers and air movers to speed the drying process when necessary.

For help with water damage in Mountain House, Banta, Holt, Ripon and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Tracy at (209) 834-0200 today.

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Fire Damage Restoration In Manteca

10/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Restoration In Manteca Manteca Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Efforts are the Cornerstone of SERVPRO SERVICES

SERVPRO Offers Industry-Leading Fire Cleanup and Restoration Services

The devastation of a Manteca home fire often seems beyond any remediation. Soot and smoke damage, along with charring, is exacerbated by the large quantities of water used to extinguish the flames. Modern fire damage abatement techniques employed by highly qualified restoration companies inspire hope that the harm is reversible, and your house can be made whole again.
Fire damage to your Manteca house can include significant water devastation and persistent odors. It is crucial that the company you chose to deliver recovery efforts be skilled in a wide range of restoration methods and techniques. Our project managers and crews train regularly, attending courses approved by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The Institute is responsible for developing industry standards the public relies upon when seeking for the best approach to return a home to preloss condition.
SERVPRO employs only workers who master both basic and advanced fire restoration techniques, as well as water damage remediation and odor elimination. In fact, most fire scenes require water removal and damage control before addressing the fire residues. Standing water and high moisture levels of saturated building materials lead to deterioration, and secondary damage like mold growth and restoration must happen fast.
Once the water damage stabilizes, SERVPRO teams begin addressing smoke and soot deposits. Ashy and light soot deposits usually respond well to vacuuming or dry sponging. Heavier residues, like those from grease fires or blazes, extinguished through chemical means, need cleansers or solvents and sometimes abrasive tools to loosen the debris. Fabrics and intricately designed items like blinds or knick-knacks require wet or dry cleaning using specialized materials and sometimes immersion or agitation.
It may be astonishing to the layperson just how many examples of fire damage can be recovered with the proper education, tools, and professional products. SERVPRO has a restoration mindset, saving you time and money by finding a way to bring structures and contents back to life rather than tearing out and replacing damaged materials and possessions. Even something as tough to manage as persistent smoky odors can be eliminated through our gradually more technologically advanced methods. We move from a good scrubbing to the use of thermal fogging or hydroxyl generators to change the chemical composition of odor particles, rendering them neutralized.
Cleaning up after a fire is a complicated business, but SERVPRO of Tracy is more than up to the challenge. Call us at (209) 834-0200 as soon as the firefighters release your property for restoration, and we will begin the many tasks necessary to transform your home to its previous state, “Like it never even happened.”

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