Water Damage Photo Gallery

Sink Overflow by Leaking Faucett...

  • This water damage was a result of a leaking faucett in bathroom sink overflow. Homeownner called us to fix.
  • We removed cabinet doors, contents inside and the hardwood floor in the affected area. We cleaned the area, set up dehumidifiers and drying equipment for the next few days until everything was completely dry.
  • Call SERVPRO of TRACY on 209-834-0200 for your water damage.

Manteca Water Damage Restoration

SERVPRO teams are trained in the latest techniques to efficiently dry out carpets and not declare them non-salvageable out of hand. This wetted floor covering was lifted from the baseboards to allow a strong flow of air to enhance the evaporation process. The LGR dehumidifier is working in unison with the "floated" carpet drying.

Deeply Saturated Materials in Tracy Water Damage

In this photo, a desiccant dehumidifier is being employed to help reduce the drying time in a large water damaged area with materials that are deeply saturated and difficult to dry.  Desiccant dehumidifiers can be more economical for restoring water damage in Tracy under certain circumstances.

Water Damage

SERVPRO of Tracy responded to old water damage. We lifted the carpet and found mildew and deteriorated pad. We explained to the customer that carpet and pad is not selvagable.

If the customer took the right action on time, to dry out/cleanup the water damage, carpet and pad would have been saved.

Water Damage

SERVPRO of Tracy responded after hours water leak due to toilet overflow. Our professional team extracted the contaminated water, removed the affected materials and disinfected the affected area.

After removal of contaminated materials and disinfected the area, we places Air Scrubbers to clean the contaminated air.

Commercial Water Damage

Local Grocery Store had a broken pipe that caused the water damage. SERVPRO of  Tracy were called to do clean up the area and dispose off all spoiled food and vegetables. 

BBQ event with SERVPRO Families

Memorial Day event celebrating  fun filled afternoon with our employees and their families for job well done.

Lots of food and drink for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you SERVPRO of Tracy employees for your dedication.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone !!