Recent Before & After Photos

Fire Clean up of Truck

Truck and trailer caught on fire at local Pipe Distribution center. SERVPRO of Tracy had been called to provide an estimate to clean up the debris. Our trained ... READ MORE

Water Leak Damage

Our repeat customer called SERVPRO of Tracy to this house in Tracy, California which had a water leak from a Laundry Room affecting bedroom next door. Our highl... READ MORE

New House Flooded...

The flooded water from the storm and rain made its way into this Mountain House, CA home. Notice the extent of the water damage, the water was about 2 inches de... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Glasses

These glasses are from our fire job packout we did recently. The cause of the damage was a grease fire that affected most of the lower level of the home. Especi... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Furniture

These pieces that meant a lot to a homeowner, they wanted us to do our best to clean it to it's original state prior to the fire that ravaged through their home... READ MORE

Water Damaged Entire Downstairs in Stockton Area...

This beautiful Engineered Wood was damaged by hot water pipe broke in closet by the entrance. Which affected the whole downstairs area. SERVPRO of TRACY arrived... READ MORE

Water Heater caused Damaged in Mountain House, CA

This fairly new home was damaged by a leak in a water heater. Which damaged the entire carpet downstairs and into the hallways. SERVPRO of TRACY was called to t... READ MORE

Mall Bathroom Sewage Bio-Clean up

SERVPRO OF TRACY was called in an emergency after hours to this business in a mall after a toilet sewage blocked up. Water from the toilet bowl with feces,overf... READ MORE

Mold found in Kitchen Refrigerator.

This refrigerator was not being used and just within a week mold started appearing (see before photo).The owner of this house called SERVPRO of Tracy to do mold... READ MORE

Exterior Mold and Algae Problem in Tracy

The pavers on this driveway in a Tracy home had poor drainage due to a clogged drain (see the Before Photo) and bad grading. Pressure washing, using biocide pro... READ MORE